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So many films and videos are produced daily with a vast majority available on the screen now. Dubbed versions are amazing, but what about enjoying the originality and grasping the meaning at the same time?

The digital age is right here; everything is revolutionized. Not only has it changed and/or reshaped how the entire enterprise communities communicate and conduct businesses but specifically how the supply chains are operated and managed.

Thomas Friedman, superviser, Crunchy Candy Company

When you read this case study you will see the supply chains of Just Born Candy and Crunchy Candy Company. You will see the location of their factories and their distribution centers. Also shown are customers’ stores where they make deliveries. Each company does not sell to all of the same customers as the other, but there is a significant amount of overlap in the customers of the two companies. You can see the overlap in the supply chains of these two companies when you map them out as shown in the screenshot above. At the start of the case study both companies operate their own supply chains.

Customers would like to see fewer deliveries of candies in larger quantities like what they get from the bigger candy companies (M&M Mars and Hershey’s). They are also asking for lower prices. Both of these customer requests point toward combining supply chains. That way both smaller candy companies can make fewer and larger deliveries of their combined products. And if they can reduce their supply chain costs, they can also lower prices to their customers. In this case study each company makes and delivers two kinds of candy to customers. These products are shown as JBCandy1, JBCandy2, Crunchy1 and Crunchy2 . There is a spreadsheet reporting template you can use to analyze downloaded simulation data. Import your simulation data into the template and create monthly profit & loss reports as well as generate key performance indicators. 

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